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Do you find making paint or fabric selections daunting?

How can there be so many different whites?

The colour palette of your home is an essential component of interior design, but many find the process stressful and confusing.

Our Founder and Creative Director, Jo Hutchens is a qualified interior decorator and colour stylist with a passion for beautiful colour schemes to complement your lifestyle and make every day special in your own home. Jo offers expert advice to make the process enjoyable.

  • In-home/online colour consultation
  • Interior and/or exterior
  • One room or whole house/commercial property
  • New build or fixer upper
  • Full paint schedule
  • Large format swatches
  • Soft furnishing and fabric selection

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How does a concept board help?

Creating a concept or style board is a key step in preparing the colour palette for your home. We present concept boards to help you visualise our colour recommendations in your own home - to complement the style, your furniture, artwork, window coverings etc. We will give you ideas to help with decorating your entire home or a single room. We can also show you how all those ideas you have from magazines or Pinterest can work (or not!) to create the look and feel you desire. Concept/Style/Mood boards become a very useful tool when shopping for furniture, soft furnishings and decorator items, either before or after the walls have been painted. So, let us show you how it will all come together - shape, texture, colours to help create your individual style.