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Height Chart
Height Chart

Height Chart

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Remember how much fun it was marking your height on the wall as a kid? We've made it even better! The stunning height charts are a life-long family treasure to capture special moments throughout generations ... and it is designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

Shaped as a puzzle, making them easy to stack and slot together, the height charts come in a drawstring bag, so no more having to leave your family history behind on a door frame every time you move house (or paint!).

Our height charts feature centimetres and inches and stand 2 metres from the ground (markings to 190cm). Measurement markings begin at 45cm so you can capture how tiny and precious your kids were at birth.  We recommend using pencil to plot your family's height.

Made from sustainably harvested European beech wood and strong, flat MDF with formaldehyde-free adhesives.

Wall adhesive is not included.  We recommend selecting a good quality adhesive suitable for your specific wall surface. Most adhesive will only stick to a smooth and clean surface. Please ensure your chosen wall is wiped clean and is dry prior to use and follow manufacturers instructions.

Please note: Part of the beauty of natural wood is that the timber grain will vary from piece to piece. Warping is a natural timber process - this is not a fault. To minimise warping, avoid close contact with heat sources and direct sunlight and store flat when not in use. This is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of young children. If damage occurs, please discard product.